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Support Green. 100 unds.

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Support for plants Medussa-Protect in green colour. 100 unds



Medussa is placed when you have approximately 5-6 cm in height. You must Medussa go up  according to grow stem, always 2-4 cm below the leaves.

Doing it on this way we guarantee the plant has a normal growth. It can be removed once the plant has already rooted and has a stem of at least 1 cm. If you forget remove it dónt worry about this, Medussa will adapt to the stem without causing any damage.


Advantages over other methods:

• It´s a product tested and designed by specialists in self-cultivation.

• It makes obsolete the stick and wire and other systems rustic.

• It´s the most recommended product by growers professionals.

• Don´t break the roots.

• Don´t choking the stem.

• It allows total freedom of movements to the plant.

• Maximum security against wind and rain.

• It´s the easiest of place.

• It´s the safest in the market.

• It´s recyclable.

• It´s very cheap.

• It´s a product patented by Medussa-Protect, guarantee of quality.

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